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In today’s tough economy many people are struggling to find work. As a solution they are turning to the Internet in order to make money. Besides the traditional online store, there are other ways to make money online. Some ideas are paid surveys, high yield investment plans, paid to click sites and microjob sites such as Micro Turks or MiniJobz. Remember that there are no get rich quick schemes and be careful of scams. Also keep in mind that a lot of marketing is required just like for a traditional business.


Regardless of which method you choose, you need to understand and spend time on marketing. The most popular type of marketing today is multi level marketing; also known as affiliate marketing. The way this works is that you earn money from people that you refer to your program also known as a campaign besides your earnings from your core tasks. These people then in turn get referrals and you can earn money down the chain. A very good site for getting referrals is Get Ref. Here you do a referral exchange which means that you sign up for others’ programs and they sign up for your programs. How deep the earnings go is up to the company running the program. This is called your downline. With most programs, like the type I mentioned before if you don’t build your downline you will never succeed. Also be sure to complete your core tasks daily so that your “upline” also earns and benefits. This keeps all the levels intact and earning so that everybody wins.

Beware of Scam Sites!

Also you should be cautious of scam sites. Some factors in identifying scam sites are listed below:

– whois on site domain returns bogus or no information
– web page is long winded with little details of program
– signup of trial period is requested including request for credit card, PayPal, etc.
– many scam complaints are found on Internet discussion forums.
– sites give excuses for not paying you or doesn’t answer you at all.


Here are some ideas. For all of these types of sites you are also paid to get referrals:

MicroJobs: Here you are paid to complete small tasks such as blogging, signing up for offers and commenting on forums or social networking sites like FaceBook or Twitter. Be careful of the jobs that you sign up for – they might be scams and always research the microjob sites on Google to ensure that they have a good rating and few complaints. Some good sites to join are Micro Turks or MiniJobz.

Paid-to-click sites: You are paid for viewing ads. Look for a high click rate e.g. $.05 cents per ad,  low minimum payout e.g. $1-$10.00, and multiple ads per day.

Paid Surveys: You are paid for completing surveys. Check that their points to dollar ratios are fair and always exchange points for money not for purchases(unless you want that particular product, but remember your goal here is to make money).

HYIP: You invest a small amount $1->$100.00 into the HYIP and watch it grow with interest (be careful of scam sites!).  Check their rating on http://www.myhyip.com/ first before giving them any money!

Finally, Remember these key points in order to ensure your success:

  • Ensure the site is not a scam site
  • Build your downline
  • Communicate with your upline / downline
  • Complete your core tasks
  • Set aside time each day for work

Israel Judaica Store

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The Israel Judaica Store is a new online store that contains a comprehensive inventory which is growing everyday. Everything  imaginable can or will be found here including souvenirs, Kabbalah lessons and even Israeli food.

When you first browse the store what will strike you first is its simple 3 column layout. The layout is easy on the eyes and does not contain bright colours or annoying ads.

Categories and subcategories such as Menorahs, T-shirts, books and food can be found in the left hand column and highlighted products in the middle column. A shopping cart link and newsletter subscription link can be found in the right hand column.

I would highly recommend this store if you are looking for any product related to Israel or Judaism.

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After endless searching for a web money making program that works I came across a site called MiniJobz. This site is an example of a microjob site. The advantage of the site is that you get paid for easy tasks such as blogging, commenting and posting in forums. Payment for jobs range from $.10 to $2.00 and you can cashout at every $5.00 you earn. To sign up for minijobz click on the link below:

You can also run your own campaigns out of which Minijobz takes a comission.  One idea for running a campaign is to get referrals for your other program.

Note that Minijobz takes a commission out of earnings and charges a commission for campaigns. Regardless of this it is a quick way to make money and it is free to signup.

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